Portable as a wallet.

Safe as a vault.

We’re here to secure credentials for good.

What would seamless, absolute proof of credentials do for your business?

Being a trusted business has never been so easy.


Ensure a consistent, efficient and unassailable process of credentials authentication and data exchange.

True authentication
Wault lets your members control how, where and when their vital, private information is used — while you control the process.


Accelerate efficiency and receive instantaneous authenticated documents from your members through the Wault app.

Better, faster
Good-bye, fake users. Hello, real people getting faster, better service from you.


Wault provides a turnkey, simple-to-manage solution to protecting your members’ credentials, their vital documents … and your business.

Imagine frictionless trust.
Where authenticity is never in question, and digital credentials are never at risk. Imagine how much more valuable data will be.


Encourage trust, reduce risk and know your process of credentials authentication and data exchange is absolutely secure on the Wault Member Network.

Share peace of mind.
Your members will enjoy knowing that you’ve taken protecting their credentials to heart.


Building an Ecosystem of Trust

Wault puts the control of credentials in your hands — enabling secure, private exchange of personal information between authenticated individuals and businesses.

The Wault Member Network is where real people and real businesses can exchange relevant information securely and with purpose.

Built to Last

  • Anytime, Anywhere Portability and Access
  • Secure, Decentralized Network
  • Multifactor Authentication
  • AML/KYC-Compliant
  • Privacy by Design
  • Trackable Chain of Custody
  • Zero-knowledge proof
  • Unified Ledger and Object Storage
  • Frictionless User Experience