Wault Security

How do you safely and securely handle sensitive documents while conducting business transactions and even post business transactions? These critical questions have become a growing concern for organizations in the digital transformation era. With increasing data privacy compliance and regulation around the world, businesses need to find a way to improve their data protection while reducing the liability of keeping data that is no longer needed. The Wault platform is designed and built for optimal security providing data privacy and protection of each party to a business transaction including employees, members, and customers.

Privacy by Design

Wault proactively embedded privacy into the platform design from its inception and throughout the engineering process. There is no “opt-in” nor a “check the box” for Privacy because it is a part of the system fabric in the Wault technology.

Identity Verification

Identity is a crucial boundary layer and the primary perimeter for security. Wault believes to truly secure a system--it needs to start from onboarding. Wault verifies the authenticity of each identity (individual or business) before they onboard to the platform. Wault uses a multi-step process including facial recognition and liveness test to match your physical identity with your digital identity, in real time access.

Strong Authentication

MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) reduces the risk of unauthorized access and deters hackers. Wault uses MFA through a range of easy-to-use verification options such as text message to a phone, a single use code to an email, and/or a choice of third-party authenticator for users, and OAuth 2 for programmatic API access.
Authorization and Access rights

Authorization and Access Rights

Unlike most traditional systems available in the market which Authorization and Access rights are granted under management oversight, Wault’s data authorization and access are fully decentralized and managed by individual users and businesses. Wault enables data owners to grant the appropriate access to whom, when and for how long. It’s frictionless to use and intuitive to operate.

Secure Data

Wault believes trust begins with keeping a client’s data safe. Utilizing AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) 256-bit and Transport Layer Security (TLS) for data at REST and in-TRANSIT, Wault is able to safeguard data against tampering and unauthorized access. Every document and its meta data are uniquely encrypted at the record and field level with a combination of symmetric and asymmetric encryption keys using Azure Key Vault.

Secure Infrastructure

The Wault platform sits on Azure Cloud which provides the highest levels of security, privacy, compliance and availability. Combining the Azure Security Center, data encryption, and the Wault security development lifecycle, Wault delivers a state-of-the-art secure system that is resilient to potential attacks and safeguards data breaches.

Ransomware Prevention

Malware is one of the top security threats in all systems. Wault has implemented measures to mitigate these threats. All documents uploaded to the Wault system are scanned with current anti-virus and malware protection tools. Wault, by design, is not a collaborative platform which reduces the exposure to phishing emails and other types of business email compromise (BEC). Azure Security Center provides analytical tools for quickly identifying and isolating unauthorized access attempts.

Penetration Testing

To identify, eliminate or reduce the security weaknesses in the system, Wault employs an independent party to conduct Pen Test (both white and black box) on each major software release. This simulated cyber-attack against both the Wault Mobile App and Web system helps our team find, fix and prevent any security vulnerabilities.


Wault maintains a history of access and changes to your important data. Every action, including document creation, modification, sharing, deletion, or access to a document is captured and audited. This provides the individual and business the transparency and clear chain of custody for each document. The audit information is stored without any intervention by the individual and business or any explicit user action.

Securing Life long Credentials

Wault’s mission is to provide a platform whereby individuals and businesses access, share and control their verifiable credentials anytime and anywhere. To achieve our mission these security standards will always remain paramount in our technology.

Patented Wault System Built To Last


  • Authentication verifies business entities and end users.
  • Digital and physical ID authentication.
  • Frictionless MFA authentication for onboarding including biometric verification.
  • Tamperproof, validated self-sovereign credentials.
  • Secure controllable authenticated documents.
  • Document audit trail, tracking, and chain of custody dash boards and stats.
  • Digital signature and certificate.
  • Offline secure document accessibility.

Security & Compliance

  • Record and meta data level encryption.
  • Data access delegation.
  • Secure cloud platform with private/public key control.
  • Certificate & digital signature enables immutable and independent verification on documents.
  • Bank-Grade Security with End-to end encryption in TRANSIT and at REST.
  • Turnkey solution for GDPR and CCPA compliance.
  • AML/KYC compliant speeds up client onboarding.

User-Friendly APIs & Mobility

  • Anywhere, Anytime Access - WAULT is accessible through a Mobile App/digital wallet or via Web.
  • User-friendly API plug and play experience.
  • API Gateway allows easy integration with existing systems.
  • Microservices-driven architecture unlocks extensive state-of-the-art functions.
  • Document sharing mobile app notifications.
  • Enterprise-grade architecture guarantees a stable platform and high performance (ESB).