Wault® is a patented platform that provides secure, verifiable document and data exchange which helps parents register their children for organized sports and activities without compromising privacy and data control. Wault lets parents control how, where and when their vital, private information is used as well as their children’s personal documents— while the organization controls the process. Protecting a child’s identity is our primary concern!

Challenges Impacting Youth Sports & Activities

Youth organizations providing activities for children are faced with major security and efficiency problems

Authentication & Vetting of Volunteers

Organizations need valid IDs and other personal information to conduct background checks.

Sharing Personal Information

Coaches and volunteers need access to child’s personal information including health records during activities.

Compliance with Child Privacy Laws

Child Identity Theft runs rampant; use of centralized databases prone to ransomware and other data breaches.


Wault Provides the Solution

How Do Parents Safely Register Their Children for Activities?

Authenticate the Parents’ and Adult Volunteers’ ID

WAULT’s patented technology utilizes forensic analysis, MFA and digital certificates to authenticate each adult’s ID and easily integrates into any organization’s system via API. The authenticated ID information can then be passed on to 3rd Party background check companies.

Provide Secure Access to Personal Information

Wault creates a digital wallet for parents to securely store the personal information. The parents can easily control where, when and with whom they share their child’s information from their digital wallet.

Compliance with Child Data Privacy Laws

Wault allows the parents to stop sharing their child’s information when the season is completed or when they leave the organization. The organization has reduced maintenance costs and liability by not having to secure and store children’s sensitive information.

How Wault Does It?


Parent creates a Wault account and uploads required personal documents to their digital wallet.

Online Registration

Parent login with Wault ID to autofill forms reducing data entry errors and submits registration with digital signature(s).

Review & Vetting

Reviews the submitted information submits to 3rd party vendors for background checks.


Once vetted the digital forms are issued to the parent(s) digital wallet.

Access & Verification

Organization has access to digital files when needed for health emergencies or other contact.

Patented Wault System Built To Last


  • Authentication verifies business entities and end users.
  • Digital and physical ID authentication.
  • Frictionless MFA authentication for onboarding including biometric verification.
  • Tamperproof, validated self-sovereign credentials.
  • Secure controllable authenticated documents.
  • Document audit trail, tracking, and chain of custody dash boards and stats.
  • Digital signature and certificate.
  • Offline secure document accessibility.

Security & Compliance

  • Record and meta data level encryption.
  • Data access delegation.
  • Secure cloud platform with private/public key control.
  • Certificate & digital signature enables immutable and independent verification on documents.
  • Bank-Grade Security with End-to end encryption in TRANSIT and at REST.
  • Turnkey solution for GDPR and CCPA compliance.
  • AML/KYC compliant speeds up client onboarding.

User-Friendly APIs & Mobility

  • Anywhere, Anytime Access - WAULT is accessible through a Mobile App/digital wallet or via Web.
  • User-friendly API plug and play experience.
  • API Gateway allows easy integration with existing systems.
  • Microservices-driven architecture unlocks extensive state-of-the-art functions.
  • Document sharing mobile app notifications.
  • Enterprise-grade architecture guarantees a stable platform and high performance (ESB).